About our beekeeping

Our Beekeeping journey

As a gardener,I've naturally been around insects as I work and bees have always fascinated me. I always wanted to be a Beekeeper and when the time felt right I attended some workshops, and training weekends to learn about keeping honey bees. I learnt there is so much more to beekeeping than imagined, however, I came home excited and within a few months had the opportunity to buy some bees.

Ray, my husband has always been supportive but at first was reluctant to get involved. I soon realised I needed another pair of hands and enlisted his help. He soon fell in love with the bees and found he was as smitten as me!

For me, keeping bees has never been about producing honey. Its been about helping to pollinate my garden, and the wider area. Its about providing  care to a species of bee which could easily disappear without human intervention. They sometimes produce a honey harvest which helps us be self sufficient and we do sell any excess locally and to friends. We also harvest the excess beeswax which I use in producing natural skincare products, wax food wraps and candles. 


Head Beekeeper, honey cake maker & main bee suit washer!


Assistant Beekeeper, Expert builder of Hives & main equipment resourcer

Want to be a Beekeeper?

Keeping bees is a fascinating and rewarding hobby. If you are thinking about keeping bees I recommend you do the following ;-

Go and see some honey bees in action - come to one of our experiences or find a local beekeeper who will show you their apiary. Being around an open hive of bees can be intense, make sure its for you! 

Join a local Beekeeping association. Look at the BBKA website for your local one - many have training apiaries where you can familiarise yourself with bees and possibly find a mentor.

Consider the cost. Beekeeping is not a cheap hobby - our first jar of honey cost about £1000!

Consider the time - you will need to inspect your bees weekly during the
main season.

Watch some experienced Beekeepers on YouTube and listen to Podcasts - you cannot get enough knowledge.